"Civil War" Apollo Deluxe Fuzz


This is the "Civil War" version of the Apollo Deluxe. The "Civil War" muff is known for having a very smooth fuzz, sounding darker with a little less gain. This tone is best known in Pink Floyd's "PULSE" live show, and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth also used this version.

All versions of the Apollo have 4 controls: Volume, Fuzz, Tone, and the ever-important Mids control. Apollos also have a Clipping switch to go between stock Silicon or louder, grittier LEDs.

All Sunset Effects are powered by 9vDC 2.1mm center-negative (boss style) power adapter. Due to space and environmental awareness, Sunset Effects do not support the use of batteries.

Civil War:

Thanks to Jack Fossett for the Demo Video!